The following Welty Fellows have contributed both technical and creative skills to this project:

  • Trey Clark, 2019-2023 (Tartarus)

  • Caroline Daniels, 2018-2020 (“Powerhouse” Annotated, Correspondence Project)

  • Jesse Downing, 2017-2020 (Web Design)

  • Donovan Johnson, 2018-2019 (“Powerhouse” Annotated)

  • Lauren Ladner, 2017-2021 (“Powerhouse” Annotated, Correspondence Project)

  • Seraiah Lodge, 2021- (Tracing Welty, Banned Book Festival, Digital Storytelling Intern)

  • Eli Maloney, 2022 (Correspondence Project)

  • Morgan Moss, 2019-2020 (Tracing Welty)

  • Yuki Nogawa, 2019-2022 (Made in Taiwan)

  • Yuko Nogawa, 2021-2023 (Made in Taiwan)

  • Victoria Richard, 2020-2023 (Eudora Welty’s Library, Eudora Welty House and Garden Intern)

  • Clem Richardson, 2022- (Wolfe Studio Project, Eudora Welty’s Library)

  • Skylar Smith 2022- (Banned Book Festival, Eudora Welty House and Garden Intern)

  • Rae Switzer, 2018-2021 (Camp Moon Lake, Project Coordinator)

  • Isabella Suell, 2020-2023 (Eudora Welty’s Library, Wolfe Studio Project)

  • Patricia Syner, 2021- (Tracing Welty, Wolfe Studio Project)

  • Macy Weaver, 2021- (‘Powerhouse’ Annotated, Correspondence Project, Banned Book Festival, Wolfe Studio Project)

  • Brittany Wilson, 2021- (Tartarus, Ida M’Toy Project)

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